Mount Carmel Higher Secondary School, Kohima, Nagaland

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Rules of the School

  1. Students are reminded to address their teachers and all the members of the staff with due respect and politeness.
  2. English should be spoken in the school premises at all time in order to create a better environment in the study of English.
  3. To be admitted to the classroom those who have been absent must show their ‘Regularity Record’ duly countersigned by the Principal/Asst. Headmaster.
  4. No student is allowed to leave the School premises during School hours without the permission of the Principal.
  5. Littering in any manner is strictly prohibited. All are expected to develop a keen civic sense. USE WASTE BINS PROVIDED.
  6. Any damage done to the School property shall be repaired by the student concerned.
  7. All students are expected to inculcate proper etiquette and behave accordingly at all times-whether within the school premises or outside.
  8. The School is Certified tobacco free campus. Any student indulging in smoking, chewing pan, talab or any tobacco related products will be penalised (` 1000) and given detention/ indefinite suspension. If caught indulging again will result in immediate suspension/ expulsion. Regular pocket/bag checks will be conducted in the school.
  9. Use of intoxicated drinks (Alcohol) and abusive contents like drugs, dendrite, weed, etc. are strictly prohibited. Any student found indulging in such behaviour will be expelled.
  10. Use of Ornaments, Jewellery, Mobile phones or any electronic gadgets are banned in the school. Once caught it will be confiscated and not returned.
  11. Students are responsible for the safe custody of their books and belongings. Students books and belonging should be marked with the name of the student.
  12. Parent - Teacher Meeting : This is an important meeting in which the student’s merit and shortcomings in form of ‘Student Achievement Report’ will be discussed and decisions to improve the student be taken.

13.  A student may be issued T.C based on any of the following reasons :

                  (a)   Activities such as immoral behaviour, theft, fights and bullying

               (b)   Negligence of Class, Weekly Test, Assessments, Projects, school functions and activities.

               (c)   Disrespect towards the school authority, teachers and other staff.

               (d)   Causing bad influence to others.

               (e)   Harassment on teachers and other staff members.

               (f)    Irregularity in payment of fees.

            (g)   Intentional destruction of school property.

14.   No collection of any purpose whatsoever may be made without the Management’s previous sanction and due notice to parents.

Important note to Parents/ Guardians :

    1. The School requests parents/ guardians to co-operate by –

            * Supervising the studies of their wards regularly at home.

            * Checking their ward’s Calendar, and Progress Report for   necessary remarks.

            * Occasionally meeting the Principal/  Headmaster to discuss the progress of children.

    2. Besides, the parents are requested to comply with the Rules and Regulations enforced by the School, from time to time.

    3. A record of address and phone number of parents/guardians is maintained in the School Office. Any change of address should be communicated  to the school office immediately.

    4. The School Director’s authority in matter of discipline and academics is final.

Examination and Promotion

  1. Besides the Weekly Tests, there will be Mid Term/ Terminal Examinations. Progress Reports will be sent to the parents to appraise them of the progress of their children.
  2. Weekly Test are an important part of the Academic Year as these will give an early indication of how well the student may do in the Terminal Examinations, in addition to allowing teachers to see how they can best support the student in the remaining Examinations of the school.
  3. Higher Secondary :- 10% marks from ‘Weekly Tests’ and 90% from ‘Terminal Examination’ will constitute the marks of a semester.                                                                                Class 10 and below :- 20% marks from ‘Weekly Tests’ and 80% from ‘Terminal Examination’ will constitute the marks of a semester.
  4. Equal importance is given to the results of the Terminal/ Mid Term Examinations and promotion is granted on the basis of their average.
  5. No student will be allowed to sit for the Final examination if his/her attendance during the year is below 80%.
  6. A student who fails to appear in any Weekly Test/ Examination will be marked zero for that subject.
  7. The School follows the Grading System prescribed by NBSE and SCERT.
  8. A student may be debarred from appearing the Final Examination on anyone of the following reasons:

(a) No sign of academic improvement.

(b) Shortage of attendance (below 80% during the year)

(c) Practise of unfair means in the examination.

(d) Misconduct.

Admission and Withdrawal

1.  Admission forms are available at the office. Those seeking  admission to  Class LKG must be 4 years old.

                2. A candidate must produce Cumulative Record Cum Schooling History, Birth Certificate and two (2) passport photo along with the admission form.

                3. They will be tested in the standard immediately below that to which they seek admission. 

                4. The admission committee’s decision with regard to admission will be final and binding.

      5. The Original Certificates should be produced for inspection at the time of admission.

   6. New candidate must be introduced personally by the one who will be responsible to the Principal for their conduct and fees.

   7. No Transfer Certificate will be issued until all dues to the School have cleared in full , and a written application from the parents or guardian. Withdrawal of the students in           the next/new academic session must be informed to the Authority before the Final Examination starts. Those  who are leaving the School in the course of a term will be required to pay the tuition fees for the whole term.

   8. A fee of Rs. 1000 /- will be charged whenever any application for a transfer certificate is made.

      Note:-   Once admitted, admission money and school fees will not be refunded.

   (a) CLASS XI

     -  Admission will be given on the basis of the applicant’s merit.

     -. The filled in application is to be submitted along with the following documents:

       1. Two photocopies of HSLC Marksheet.

       2. Two photocopies of HSLC Admit Card.

       3. Two recent passport size photo.

       4. One photocopy of ST/SC/OBC/Indigenous Certificate.

       5. Cumulative Record cum Schooling History Book.

       6. If Repeater : Original Registration Card.

             (b) CLASS  LKG to 8

1. Admission forms are available at the office. Those seeking  admission to  Class LKG must be 4 years old.

2. A candidate must produce Cumulative Record Cum Schooling History, Birth Certificate and two (2) passport photo along with the admission form.


               1. The School fees cover twelve (12) months and may be paid in monthly  instalment or in advance. No reduction is made for holidays.

   2. Pupils whose fees are long overdue will be debarred from sitting for examinations and are liable to have their names struck off from the rolls.

     3. Fees are to paid before 12th of each month, failing which a late fine of Rs. 20 per month will be    levied.

     4. All fees  will be paid to the   Office Manager/ Accountant who is the ONLY authorised person to collect.  The Class Teachers may be assigned to collect some fees on the             behalf of the Office Assistant for which the students will be informed beforehand. 

School Uniform

                     (The School Uniform is compulsory on all the class days and at school functions)


  • Every student should wear clean uniform daily without which they will not be admitted to the class.
  • The School uniform No. 1 consist of : (On Monday , Tuesday ,Thursday and Friday)
  1. Coat
  2. Trouser / Skirt (upto the knee level)
  3. Shirt
  4. Sweater
  5. Black Shoe and Black Socks
  6. Neck-tie       
  • The School uniform No. 2 consist of : (On Wednesday)
  1. Coat
  2. Trouser / Skirt
  3. T-Shirt
  4. Sweater
  5. Black Shoe and Black Socks


      White shirt, navy-blue trousers for boys and navy-blue skirts for girls.

      Black shoes and navy-blue socks.

      Navy-blue sweater with red border.

      Navy-blue neck-tie with white strips, school badge.

      Girls will use   blue    ribbon for hairdo.

      On Wednesday : Blue T- Shirt